❄️ Inclement Weather Days ❄️

If the Superintendent cancels school for inclement weather, he will announce if the day will be a "Snow Day" or an Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day. 

Please read the following information if you have questions about the cancellation plan for BES students. 

Inclement Weather Plan from the SAU website:

At the elementary level, Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Days will be paper and pencil tasks. These learning tasks will be sent home in a physical bag/envelope ahead of any snow days.  (These were provided to families at conferences on November 8 and 9)

There will be three (3) days worth of lessons. Please only complete one day for each Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day. Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day lessons are expected to be returned within two (2) days of returning to school.

Teachers will be available either by phone or email (however they have set this up in each class) between the following hours for support of students and families:   BES 10:00 am ‐ 2:30 pm

Para educators will continue to support their students and teachers by the use of emails and any other responsibilities put forth by the teachers or administration. 

Special Education and other Direct Services: At the elementary level we are not using computers for Inclement Weather Remote Learning Days, so all special education services such as speech, OT, PT, and 1:1 academic support will be made up when we return to school. 

Our counselors, nurses, and other program specialists will be available for support throughout the day by phone and/or email.

Monday, December 4 - SNOW DAY - NOT an Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day.  Nothing is due back to school.